GEAR UP Program

This program is available to students in the graduating Class of 2018, who previously attended one of the following middle schools (grades 7-8) or are attending one of the following high schools:

  • Albion School District
  • Paul Robeson/Malcolm X Academy (Detroit)
  • Middle School at Parkside (Jackson)
  • Lansing STEM Academy
  • Gardner Academy (Lansing)
  • Pleasant View Magnet School (Lansing)
  • Eastern High School (Lansing)
  • Sexton High School (Lansing)
  • Cass Technical High School (Detroit)
  • Jackson High School
  • Everett High School

Are you feeling unsure about your future educational plans? You will benefit from the Michigan GEAR UP Program's early intervention and financial aid opportunities. The GEAR UP program specializes in assisting low-income and underrepresented students in the graduating Class of 2018 with the services that help them to be admitted, retained, and to graduate from post-secondary institutions. As a result, you will possess the skills and knowledge required to be competitive in today's workforce.

*Gaining Early Awareness refers to college exposure, financial aid/admissions information, college choice and other important knowledge necessary for students to become prepared to pursue post-secondary options.

*Readiness for Undergraduate Programs refers to skill building and academic preparedness including reading literacy, critical thinking skills, study techniques and test-taking ability.

Program details and registration

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