Child Development Laboratories at MSU

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If your child will be 18 months through 5 years by September 1, the Child Development Laboratories at MSU has a program that will place him/her in age specific classrooms that maximize the promotion of the child's development. The Head Teachers utilize hands-on learning experiences and opportunities that encourage growth across all areas of development. Adult child ratios are maintained at approximately 4:1 and 9:1 ratio or better. This program is offered in both our East Lansing and Haslett locations with East Lansing providing a full-day Preschool and Toddler option.

We also offer a Family Infant/Toddler Learning program that allows for parents and children (three months through three years) to share experiences in a small group setting. The goal of the program is to create a mutually joyous parent-child relationship through play activities that enhance children’s skills in movement, language and social interaction.

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