Music Therapy Classes at Community Music School-Detroit

Music therapists provide treatment for a variety of conditions ranging from stress to severe handicaps. Services are offered to individuals of all ages and abilities. Children with delays or difficulties with speech or motor skills may benefit from music therapy.

Classes offered include:

Singing For Speech: The Singing for Speech class is for children in need of opportunities to enhance language development in the areas of articulation, speech rhythm, and social communication. The class offers a fun, stimulating environment where children are provided with music therapy interventions specifically designed to increase and improve the verbal skills of each individual.

Creative Movement for Special Needs: Come and experience a creative movement group led by a registered dance/movement therapist. Together, group members explore the elements of dance, space, time, and energy using music and props in a movement journey. Separate classes are designed for school-aged children or adolescents and for preschool aged children.

Individual Music Therapy: Specific music therapy interventions, including singing, dancing, playing, and creating are developed and implemented based upon the individualĀ“s goals and objectives. These may include improving communication, motor, emotional, or social skills, or self esteem.

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