Camp Logic Summer Math Camp (June 2018)

June 25 - 29, 2018. 9 am - Noon

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This camp is available to students in grades 3-5. Students should be comfortable with addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers, and willing to puzzle through new puzzles or games.

The content for this camp will be based on the book Camp Logic, by mathematician Mark Saul and mathematics educator Sian Zelbo, which states: "The games and activities in this book give students an informal and playful introduction to the very nature of mathematics and its underlying structure. Students may be surprised to see that many of the games and puzzles involve very little if any arithmetic, and when they do, the arithmetic is not what makes the puzzle challenging. Rather, the challenge is the reasoning itself. The theme that runs throughout the activities, and in fact throughout the subject of mathematics, is the idea of an “implication,” that new information can be derived from old through a chain of reasoning."

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