Media and Technology Summer Camps at MSU (June, July 2018)

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June 25-29, 2018: Middle School Students: Digital Cinema, Intro to Programming with Minecraft, Video Game Design (Kodu)

July 9-13, 2018: High School Students: Beginner Game Design, Miss Media Technology Camp, VR World Design Camp, Immersive Two-week Game Design Camp

July 16-20, 2018: High School Students Advanced Game Design, Beginner Game Design, 3D Animation, Digital Cinema

These camps are available to middle and high school students. Overnight and commuter options are available.

Camp programs feature content pulled right from the college curriculum, created and advised by leading faculty in the relevant content area, and led by experienced teaching assistants and college mentors. Programs are a unique blend of college-lecture style instruction and tons of one-on-one instruction during lab. Programs include beginning and more advanced options to engage and graduate students to different levels of difficulty. Campers work in teams, and get personal access to college and professional level equipment, the industry's leading software, and access to a library of digital resources during and after camp to continue practicing and learning. Students collaborate to produce a project to take home at the end of their experience.

2018 Summer Media Camps:

  • Immersive Game Design Camp (2-weeks) (NEW!)
  • Virtual Reality World Design (NEW!)
  • 3D Animation Camp Digital Cinema Camp
  • Advanced Video Game Design Camp
  • Beginner Video Game Design
  • Digital Cinema Camp
  • Intro to Programming with Minecraft™
  • Intro to Video Game Design Camp (Kodu)
  • Miss Media Michigan Girls Tech Camp

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