Building Capacity to Collectively Prepare Students for College and Careers


Breakout Sessions 2

11:00 – 11:50 a.m.

  • Standard SessionRoom 101
    • College and Career Preparation for Middle Schoolers
    • Melanie Ward, Mercy Education Project; Larissa Carr, Mercy Education Project
    • The presenters will share their experiences in developing and implementing a successful pre-college and career preparation summer program for middle schoolers. Topics covered will include logistics, staffing, community partnerships, integrating technology, and developing daily "middle-school approved" activities.

    • Presentation file (PDF, 3.5MB)
  • Standard SessionHeritage Room
    • Strengthening Students' Academic and Personal Development through College Campus Visitation Programs
    • Theda Gibbs, University of Michigan; Courtney Vanderbilt, University of Michigan
    • The presenters will highlight various models of GEAR-UP campus visitation programs that have been implemented. They will emphasize important program elements such as: meeting the needs of GEAR-UP students; connecting with partnering schools; hiring and training undergraduate student leaders; designing and implementing curriculum; and making connections with campus departments. Additionally, the presenters will spend time with attendees discussing challenges and best practices in various GEAR-UP campus visitation programs.

  • Standard SessionRoom 103
    • Getting Grit for College Access and Success
    • Bryan Taylor, EduGuide
    • First generation students face many obstacles on the path to a college degree. What separates those who make it from those who get lost along the way? Research shows that grit, resiliency, locus of control, help-seeking and other mindset skills play a major role in success at each transition. Learn how EduGuide is working with universities and others to teach these skills through mentoring and online training tools.

  • Standard SessionRoom 104
    • University Service-Learners Increasing College Access to Community Youth through Local Tutoring Programs
    • Erika Carr, Western Michigan University; Ashley King, Western Michigan University; Keenan King, Western Michigan University; Tania Echavarria, Western Michigan University
    • The presenters will give an overview of the Western Michigan University Service-Learning Program coordinated by the Division of Multicultural Affairs' Michigan Campus Compact grant. The presenters will discuss the benefits of the Service-Learning Program as well as offer suggestions on how to increase college access through service-learning tutoring programs that connect higher education institutions to local schools and community organizations. Examples of effective partnerships will be provided.

  • Standard SessionRoom 106
    • It's the Same River: Preparing African Americans to Become Successful College Students
    • Darrell King, Michigan State University
    • This session will focus on what it takes for African American college students to overcome some of the struggles and pitfalls that they may face when planning to attend college. The presenter will provide insights for pre-college students who can use this information as a roadmap to success. By understanding the importance of college readiness, family support and internal motivation, African American students are more likely to succeed in college and make meaningful relationships with a diverse support group.

  • Standard SessionWilly Room
    • College Readiness: The Missing Link in College—Going Cultures
    • Patrick O'Connor, Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School; John Boshoven, Community High School
    • The presenters will provide a series of ideas and best practices schools should embrace to make sure the enthusiasm generated by college going cultures lead to college acceptance, matriculation, and completion.

  • Standard SessionRoom 62
    • What Does College/Career Readiness Mean to Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District?
    • Gretchen Spedowske, Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District; Kelly Johnson, Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District
    • Char-Em ISD Career/College Readiness consultants will give a short overview of the awareness, exploration, and preparation activities created to increase college awareness. The session will demonstrate LCAN, nontraditional STEM activities, FAFSA completion, postsecondary opportunities and career readiness.

  • Standard SessionMichigamme Room
    • Working Together Works For Everyone: Building Successful Partnerships
    • Cristina Reed, Kettering University; Essence Wilson, Kettering University
    • Presenters from the Kagle Leadership Initiatives at Kettering University will aid participants in working through a real life scenario focused on community partnerships. Through this interactive experience participants will gain a better understanding of how partnerships are formed, the benefits to forming partnerships, and the potential problems that may occur.

  • Standard SessionRoom 105
    • Project LEAD (Living Equity through Action and Diversity): Developing Social Justice Extracurricular Programming for Students
    • Donna Kaplowitz, Michigan State University; Dorinda Carter Andrews, Michigan State University
    • Presenters will provide an overview of Project LEAD, a program implemented in Lansing and East Lansing public schools to promote cultural inclusivity and equity in the learning context, appreciation for diverse identities, and leadership skills for civic engagement and social action. The discussion will focus on program philosophy and theoretical foundations, sample curriculum, research results from the first year of implementation, and strategies for similar program implementation in other districts.

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