ANR Institute for Multicultural Students (AIMS): CANCELLED

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To protect the health and safety of our students, staff, sponsors and community partners during the novel coronavirus pandemic, we have canceled the CANR pre-college summer programs, including the ANR Institute for Multicultural Students, for 2020. We anticipate hosting the programs in 2021.

This FREE program is available to students in grades 9 - 11.

The ANR Institute for Multicultural Students (AIMS), sponsored by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) at Michigan State University, is a one-week program designed to give high school students a broad exposure to the food and agricultural sciences, natural resources, and related fields. Some may ask, "Why a program in agriculture and natural resources?" A career in agriculture or natural resources involves a lot more than farming. There are a wide variety of educational and career opportunities in the food and agricultural sciences: environment, natural resources and conservation; business, management and design; food and health; plant and animal biology; communities, education and human services; technology and management; and education.

At AIMS, you will participate in demonstrations, tours, and hands-on activities designed to give you a sampling of what the field of agriculture and natural resources has to offer. You will also participate in other educational, cultural, and social activities.

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