Spartan Debate Institute (July, August 2019)

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2 Week Camp: July 7-19, 2019
3 Week Camp: July 7-26, 2019
4 Week Camp: July 7 - August 2, 2019

This program is available to high school students and their debate coaches.

If you are interested in improving your debating skills, the Spartan Debate Institute offers a two-week, three-week, and intensive four-week institute. The SDI staff prepares a number of cases and negative positions before the Institutes begin, so debating can begin as early as the second day. The judged tournaments guarantee extensive student-teacher interaction. Many three-week debaters will leave with over 20 practice debates. The SDI retains staff members and lab placement for all skill levels, ranging from a pre-novice lab for individuals with no debate experience, to novices, to those seeking to polish varsity skills.

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