Japanese for Kids Academic Program (January - April 2019)

Fridays, January 25 - April 19, 2019. Class meets from 5:30-6:30 pm in Wells Hall

This program is generally open to kids ages 6-9. No previous knowledge of the language is necessary and kids with higher proficiency can be accommodated.

Classes meet for 10 weeks in Wells Hall on campus. There will be no classes the week of MSU's Spring Break (March 4-8) and area schools' spring break (March 25-April 5).

Our kids programs are designed to provide a fun learning environment that focuses on playful interactions in the target language. It will sensitize children to language learning, help them acquire an awareness and appreciation of other cultures, enhance their understanding of the native language, and hopefully motivate them to pursue language study. Our goals are to introduce the children to different facets of the target language and culture, expand their existing knowledge, and increase their abilities in speaking and listening while incorporating some reading and writing in the target language. We emphasize functional language use and cultural awareness. Our small class sizes allow us to work more closely with your children, differentiate instruction, and maximize learning outcomes. Concurrent sections to accommodate different levels are offered for most languages.

Multiple-program/child discounts are available (10%). To qualify, registrations must be on the same transaction. Classes will be cancelled if fewer than 5 students enroll.

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