Chinese for Preschoolers (January - April 2019)

Fridays, January 25 - April 19, 2019. Class meets from 5-6 pm in Wells Hall.

This program is available to children ages 3-6.

The program runs for 10 sessions. There will be no classes the week of MSU's Spring Break (March 4-8) and area schools' spring breaks (March 25-April 5).

Our preschooler programs introduce children to the target language and culture in a playful way. By speaking in the target language throughout the entire class, the children are immersed in the language and become familiarized with the sounds of the language while learning to say simple phrases. The focus of the class is on listening and speaking, supported by visual cues.

Multiple-program/child discounts are available (10%). To qualify, registrations must be on the same transaction. Classes will be cancelled if fewer than 5 students enroll.

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