Health Science Scholar Institute (Summer 2018)

July 9 - August 3, 2018. Application Deadline: Friday, May 25, 2018

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This program is available to students currently in 10th or 11th grade with a minimum 3.0 GPA (unofficial transcript required), who have a strong interest in becoming a physician (specifically an MD), and self-identify as a member of at least one of the following groups:

  • American Indian or Alaska Native
  • African-American
  • Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
  • Hispanic (all races)

This program takes place in Flint, Grand Rapids, and East Lansing.

The Scholars intensive program is non-residential. The students will meet Monday through Friday and will require daily attendance and participation at the assigned COE community site. This four-week intensive summer experience exposes students to the world of medicine and becoming a physician. Programming for this four-week experience includes:

  • Educational enrichment in the sciences at grade appropriate levels and preparatory support for college entry. For example: math, science, reading and writing
  • SAT preparation
  • Cultural Competency Training (age and grade appropriate)
  • Training in community-based participatory research (age and grade appropriate)
  • Exposure to Medicine in the Arts – including literature and other works which explore Underrepresented Minorities in Medicine
  • Use science, math, and medical humanities to tackle community health issues in their respective communities
  • Hands-on experience with clinical skills and daily science enriched medical case studies
  • Completion of a health-related community project.

Please see the links below for more information. The first link will take you to the Application. The second link will take you to the Recommendation Form.

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