Building Capacity to Collectively Prepare Students for College and Careers


Breakout Session 4

2:30 – 3:20 p.m.

  • Standard SessionRoom 101
    • Using Collective Impact Strategies to Support College Access for the Most At Risk Youth
    • Yvonne Unrau, Western Michigan University; Joy Mason, ETDI; Maddy Day, Western Michigan University
    • Presenters will describe a collective impact strategy to increase college-going rates among at-risk youth in Wayne County. A case study of foster youth is used to show how the strategy can work with the most disadvantaged youth. Presenters will show how they build cross-sector capacity, address system gaps, and develop local solutions to increase college access for foster youth. Presenters will facilitate discussion on building a local collective impact strategy.

  • Standard SessionRoom 106
    • Mind Trekkers Science and Engineering Festivals: Engaging Students and Communities in STEM
    • Steve Patchin, Michigan Technological University; Cody Kangas, Michigan Technological University
    • Mind Trekkers is a program that uses undergraduate/graduate students to help conduct engaging hands-on activities in STEM. The events have three components: activities; practicing STEM professionals representing their organizations/corporations; and college/university representatives. Discover their impact on students and communities, plus how to conduct your own high-energy event in your area.

  • Discussion SessionRoom 103
    • Ensuring Youth Safety and Well-Being: More than Just a Goal, an Expectation
    • Judy Ratkos, Michigan State University; Bobbi Boland, Michigan State University
    • Ensuring youth safety and well-being is of utmost importance for institutions and organizations that provide programming for minors. Come discuss the following with colleagues from across the state: 1)What policies and procedures does your institution or organization have in place? 2)How are the policies and expectations communicated to ensure that everyone involved with the program is informed? and 3)Do you provide training to employees and volunteers regarding the protection of minors?

    • Presentation file (PDF, 46KB)
  • Standard SessionRoom 104
    • Fishing for Ideas: Working to Develop Youth from Diverse Backgrounds through Teambuilding and Hands-on Activities
    • Amy Anderson, Educational Talent Search, Southwestern Michigan College; Carolyn Grace, YMCA Camp Eberhart; Sara Paul, ETS
    • Come learn some quick and simple ideas to take into the classroom, gym, or other venue that will lead to a "deep dive" into discussions. Some of the simplest tools have the biggest bang for the buck! Attendees will not only participate in the activities but will also walk away with some great ideas to customize for their youth development. We'll finish with places you can take your audience for further exploration.

  • Standard SessionRoom 105
    • Building and Promoting a College-Going Culture in the Hispanic Community through University-Community Nonprofit Partnerships
    • Stacy Stout, Hispanic Center of Western Michigan; Donna Ewigleben, Ferris State University
    • This session will provide an overview of the partnership between Ferris State University and the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan to promote a college-going culture within the Hispanic community, including a discussion of the specific needs related to Hispanic community outreach, and intentional community engagement and partnership strategies. The following topics/questions will be addressed: Why universities/communities should focus on the Hispanic community; how to leverage college access network resources in building partnerships; how to identify possible partners for collaborative efforts; how to start, sustain and institutionalize a partnership; and what are the specific "pre-college" needs of the Hispanic community? Attendees will share their own successful partnership strategies.

  • Standard SessionHeritage Room
    • Breakthroughs in Training: Improving Essay Writing for College Applications and ACT/SAT Essay Writing Sections
    • Debbie Merion, Essay Coaching; Geri Markel, Managing Your Mind
    • This friendly, creative session will help you empower students to achieve writing success in both SAT/ACT essays and college admissions essays. Attendees will learn the differences and similarities between these two types of essays, stress-relieving techniques for starting and completing them, and how to evaluate essays like readers employed by colleges and test firms. Take away our Essay Expert toolkit to encourage writing performance breakthroughs in your students.

  • Discussion SessionWilly Room
    • Launching Pre-College Immersion Programs for International Students
    • Aaron Einfeld, Calvin College; Rick Zomer, Calvin College
    • International students face unique transitional issues when arriving in the United States for postsecondary education. This session will highlight one institution's efforts to launch a pre-college immersion program that serves domestic and international high school students. Incorporating international students into college readiness programs prompts several questions regarding institutional policies, immigration, and curricular design of college-readiness programs. Presenters will facilitate a discussion regarding these topics after proposing several institutional and governmental policies.

  • Standard SessionMichigamme Room
    • Preparing Students for Success Beyond High School - Defining Career and College Readiness
    • Brandy Archer, Michigan Department of Education; Brian Barber, Michigan Department of Education; Megan Schrauben, Michigan Department of Education
    • The presenters will describe Career and College Readiness as defined by the newest standards - Common Core and Next Generation Science as well as some methods for helping schools meet the Governor's initiative of "Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace." The majority of the session time will be reserved for review and discussion of tools designed to help educators embrace the vision of All Students Graduating Career and College Ready.

    • Presentation file (PDF, 549KB)
  • Standard SessionRoom 62
    • Building Successful Partnerships: The Central Michigan University GEAR UP Experience
    • Carla Clark, Central Michigan University GEAR UP Program; Tina Natale, Central Michigan University GEAR UP Program; Mary Henley, Central Michigan University GEAR UP Program
    • Central Michigan University's GEAR UP will share the organizational and financial benefits of a rich history of successful collaboration with an array of stakeholders. This workshop will provide an in depth look at the benefits of an effective partnership from the perspectives of Central Michigan University's GEAR UP staff.

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