Physics of Atomic Nuclei (PAN) Program and PAN-CAKE Program (May and July 2022)

PAN: July 24-29, 2022. PAN-CAKE: May 14-15, 2022. Applications open until March 28, 2022.

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PAN is available to high school students who are U.S. citizens or DACA eligible. The PAN-CAKE program is available to high/middle school science teachers in the U.S. & Canada.

PAN Program: July 24-29, 2022. In-person or virtually.

PAN is a free residential summer program on the campus of Michigan State University (co-sponsored by the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams). The one-week program introduces current high school students to the principles and methods of scientific research (focusing on current work in nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics) as well as life in the university environment. For more information, please click on the first link below.

PAN-CAKE Program: May 14, 2022 Online and May 15, 2022 @ MSU (optional)

Science teachers are encouraged to apply for PAN-CAKE, a free professional development program with one-day online workshop and optional in-person session. Physics and Chemistry teachers may find this program particularly useful, while pre-service teachers who are looking to expand their content/pedagogy knowledge are especially welcome. For more information, please click on the second link below.