Pre-College Committee Overview

The Pre-College Committee at MSU is comprised of program directors, coordinators, and senior administrators who work to coordinate the activities of pre-college programs at MSU. The committee provides guidance on policies and procedures and offers a framework for pre-college personnel at MSU and other organizations to collaborate. The committee's purpose over the past several years has been to support and elevate these programs through dissemination of best practices, sharing of resources, and professional development.

The mission of the pre-college committee is advancing knowledge and transforming the lives of pre-college youth for eventual college success. The committee supports this missing by:

  1. Improving the organizational structures that support pre-college programs at MSU
  2. Promoting a scholarly approach that informs and is informed by practice
  3. Increasing the visibility of pre-college programs on and off campus
  4. Providing venues to network and collaborate with other pre-college professionals
  5. Advocating for better systems to document and evaluate the impact of pre-college programs at MSU

MSU pre-college programs are:

  • Designed to educate pre-college-age students
  • Offered and delivered by MSU faculty and staff or under the guidance of MSU representatives
  • Intense in their level of content and number of intentional contact hours
  • Purposeful in exposing students to potential careers and academic programs, particularly at MSU

The committee holds regular meetings. For more information about the Committee, send us an e-mail at

Collective Annual Reporting

One step toward building a campus-wide network was the establishment of a collective annual report featuring data from many programs about their audiences, funding, overall impact, and other information. All pre-college programs identified at MSU are invited to submit a program summary in a common format designed to convey both their similarities and their variety.

Articulating Common Goals

MSU's pre-college programs feature a wealth of diversity in terms of content and target audiences; however, in the spirit of unifying pre-college efforts at MSU, the Committee established common goals which should be pursued by all programs and thus represented in future reports. Goals of pre-college programs:

  • Increase participants' overall interest in college
  • Instruct participants in how to access college in some age-appropriate manner
  • Better prepare participants for college by giving them information and building skills necessary for success

These goals will be measured beginning in 2011 by Common Evaluation Questions.