Gifted and Talented Programs

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Academic Year Programs for grades 7-9 include: CHAMP-Math, ISHALL-English, LEAF-French, All-Latin, and M.A.N.G.A.-Japanese.

Students earn 4 years of high school curriculum credit at the accelerated rate of 2 or 3 years.

Summer programs for grades 3-11 include:

  • GUPPY – Gifted University for Parents and Precocious Youth
  • MST - Math, Science, and Technology program
  • MSTL – Math, Science, Technology and Leadership program
  • IS4GT – Intensive Studies for Gifted and Talented

GATE Summer Programs allow students to explore new topics and interests that are not typically covered in standard middle school curricula. Students learn with their peers through fun, hands-on activities, and are challenged with new information beyond their current realm of knowledge.

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