Beaumont Tower Carillon

The Beaumont Tower is a great place to visit! Located on campus, one block south of Grand River Avenue and one block north of the Red Cedar bicycle trail in the center of "old campus," the Tower is an icon of the beauty and history of MSU's campus. The tower has a carillon, a musical instrument consisting of at least two octaves of bells arranged in chromatic series and played from a keyboard that permits control of expression through variation of touch. There are only 170 carillons in the United States, 12 of them in Michigan. The MSU carillon has 49 bells and is capable of playing the full range of literature composed for the instrument. The tower is open for tours on Tuesdays at noon during the school year, and by appointment only during the summer. At 6pm every Wednesday during the month of July there is a recital for your listening enjoyment. Bring blankets and picnic baskets and enjoy the music.

Program details and registration

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  • Ray McLellan
  • Phone: 1-517-432-4066
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