GUPPY: Gifted University for Parents and Precocious Youth (June-July 2022)

Application Deadline: May 11, 2022

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Guppy is a weekend program or a half-day, weeklong program for gifted students in grades 3-6.

GUPPY is designed for young gifted and talented students to attend classes taught by MSU faculty and subject experts at Michigan State University for the weekend or a half-day week. This GATE program will offer young, gifted students a variety of accelerated exploratory educational presentations and hands-on experiences in MSU’s laboratories and classrooms. Please see the different class track options on the GUPPY Curriculum page (GUPPY 3-4 Curriculum, and GUPPY 5-6 Curriculum).

GUPPY will have three classes pre track. Each class will be one hour long Monday-Friday, or one hour and forty minutes long in the weekend program.

GUPPY's Parent University

provides presentations about gifted children by experts. Various topics related to gifted education and raising a gifted child will be discussed. Past topics include: Gifted 101, Road map to Advocacy, IQ Testing, and Spatial Learners. All GUPPY parents are welcome to attend the Parent U session.

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