Abrams Planetarium Virtual Field Trips

Abrams Planetarium virtual field trips can address the following:

  • Start talks about what's up in the night sky and personalize it to your group.
  • Tours of the universe, focusing on any astronomy topics you need (for instance, a talk on the solar system, galaxies, stellar evolution, more.)
  • Science demos.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Any combination of the above items.

Virtual field trips can be delivered via personal Zoom meeting for up to 300 people; a Facebook page takeover for your organization; a pre-recorded video (if you want Q&A, have participants submit questions in advance so they can be incorporated); another platform you already use, such as Google Classroom.

If you are interested in booking a virtual field trip ($60 per half hour) or would like more information about them, please contact our office at the information below.

Program details and registration

For more information: