Wharton Center pARTicipate with Wharton: Dance and Improv Videos on YouTube

These videos are appropriate for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Learn about about ballet, dance and improv with these short lessons or view arts videos for kids on YouTube. Videos include:

  • Learn 'A Chorus Line' with Debbie Williams
  • Tap Lesson: The Time Step
  • Centering Yoga with Janet Colson
  • Six Dance Routine
  • Garden Ballet Dance Lesson for Kids
  • Story Time: Miss Nelson Has A Field Day
  • Imagination Game
  • The First Rule of Improv
  • The Second Rule of Improv: "Yes, and"
  • The Third Rule of Improv
  • The Fourth Rule of Improv
  • Improv: Going with the flow & working with scene partners
  • Improv: Guessing Games

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