Concurrent Breakout Session One

9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

Building Pathways (Full Sessions – 60 minutes)

Invention Engine: Building GEAR UP STEM Scholars

Hans Sowder and Gloria Thomas
Center for Engineering, Diversity and Outreach, University of Michigan

Location: Room 103 AB

This interactive session is focused on how to build a GEAR UP STEM cohort. Presenters share models, criteria, and strategies employed in the process of cultivating GEAR UP students toward development into GEAR UP STEM Scholars. This also includes the critical role of engaging parents and the family in support of student aptitudes and aspirations.

MCAN's Statewide Initiatives: Reaching Higher Toward Goal 2025

Christi Taylor
Michigan College Access Network

Location: Willy Room

The Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) coordinates a suite of statewide initiatives designed to help seniors navigate the college-going milestones they will encounter during their final year of high school. These include: Michigan College Month (for applying and paying for college) and College Decision Day (for deciding on and enrolling in a college). MCAN provides training and promotional materials to high schools that register to host these statewide initiatives. This session walks through each initiative in detail, including major updates based on prior- year Free Applications for Student Aid (FAFSA) and steps high schools can take to implement these campaigns.

School Funding Inequity and Michigan's Middle-Skills Gap: The Case for Career, Technical, and Skilled-Trades Post-Secondary Education

Mollie Bush and Dilip Das
University of Michigan

Location: Heritage Room

This interactive workshop addresses two relevant areas of concern: inequitable school funding within Michigan and viable post-secondary career and technical education options. Given the barriers to post-secondary access and success faced by students in poorly funded schools and districts, as well as Michigan's current skilled-labor shortage, we discuss viable career/technical/skilled-trade education credentials available through various programs and colleges across the state. Through small group discussion and feedback, we create a dialogue with attendees on current match/fit issues faced by these students as well as options that could lead them to a viable career/technical/skilled-trades certificate.

Ensuring Success (Full Sessions – 60 minutes)

Early Intervention - Transition Road Show

Peggy Molter
Lenawee College Access Network Coordinator

Location: Room 62

Our Local College Access Network (LCAN) developed a Road Show Transition program targeting 8th and 9th graders and presented it to eight local schools. Partners from higher education, business, and the LCAN presented the need for students to embrace the high school experience to have more options after high school. Interaction was encouraged by participants as they engaged in a leadership activity that was part of the program, along with challenging them with various other obstacles and barriers that come from presenting to the diverse populations of middle school students.

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Since It Takes a Village, Let's Start Building

Pamela Bellamy and Joanne MacFadden
Michigan GEAR UP, Michigan State University

Location: Michigamme Room

Using motivational techniques is important when promoting college readiness. This presentation will look at ideas and techniques from the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. Suggested techniques include: 1) Be Proactive: Developing a PBA (Personal Bank Account), charting deposits (i.e. renewing yourself) and withdrawals (i.e. wearing yourself out); and 2) Put First Things First: Chart your own "big rocks" and "little pebbles."

The 7 Habits curriculum addresses building student success through distinct leadership development. Attendees will leave with a tool kit containing exercises in communication skills, social media tips, conflict resolution, self-knowledge, and goal setting.

Ensuring Success (Half Sessions – 30 minutes)

Holistic Approach to College Preparation

Timothy Liggins and student (TBA)
Seita Scholars Program, Western Michigan University

Location: Room 106

This informative session provides ways to engage and partner with youth to holistically assess where they are in the college preparation process. Using the Center for Fostering Success's 7 Life Domains, presenters discuss various factors (per domain) that are important benchmarks for youth preparing to transition to college.

Building a College-Going Culture in a Large High School

Jennifer Hammond and Mary Gardner
Grand Blanc Community High School

Location: Room 106

This presentation will allow participants to discuss and learn new ways to build a college-going culture with a large and diverse group of students. Topics to be discussed include promoting advanced placement, encouraging college visits, inviting alumni to share their successes, starting an early college, and more!

Providing Access (Full Sessions – 60 minutes)

Encouraging High School Graduation and Post-Secondary Credentials Through The Tuition Incentive Program

Lindsay Mieden
Woodhaven High School

Location: Room 105 AB

The Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) can help low-income students obtain post-secondary degrees by covering the cost of college tuition. This presentation aims to explain the eligibility requirements, the application process, and how TIP can help your students. We will also provide case studies and discuss various approaches that can best help our students in diverse situations.

Urban Partnership for Civic Learning and Student Success

Joshua J. Ode, Calvin Talley, David Callejo, Renee Johnson, Cathy Stuart, and Pam Pugh Smith
Saginaw Valley State University

Location: Riverside Room

The Urban and Regional Partnerships for Civic Learning and Student Success Initiative in Saginaw was created to foster a collaborative approach among K-12 education, higher education, and community partners that enhances and develops a continuum of services for civic learning and student success across the learners' entire educational experience.