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Conference and Presentation Themes

Building Pathways

How can institutions of higher learning better prepare pre-college program participants and their families for post-secondary educational opportunities?

  • Curriculum
  • College readiness
  • Promoting youth health
  • Motivating youth to perform well

Providing Access

What are the ways in which pre-college programs address the unique needs, recruitment, and equity issues of targeted populations? We will focus on inclusive curriculum for:

  • Students with disabilities
  • Urban youth
  • Kids in foster care
  • Gifted and talented kids

Ensuring Success

What constitute parameters of program as well as student success in precollege programs?

  • Keeping precollege
  • Retaining enrollees
  • Addressing barriers:
    • Program success
    • Student success
    • Evaluations/grants


The poster session will take place Monday, November 14, at 4:30 pm.

Poster session goal

The goal is to create a diverse learning environment by engaging current pre-college program participants and alumni, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty/administrative staff from across Michigan in one space that demonstrates a multi-tiered approach to mentorship and engaged learning in our communities.

Are you a pre-college program alumnus currently in post-secondary education? Did you create a final project, art, music, or research piece for your program that you would like to talk about? We invite you to highlight your project and pre-college program experiences at the 2016 Michigan Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference. Join fellow pre-college participants, alumni, classmates, mentors, faculty, and staff from colleges and universities across Michigan as they come together to tell their pre-college program story.

Poster content

  • Pre-college program alumni
    Share the final project or research piece from your program that illuminates what you learned from the experience and what it prepared you for in a post-secondary program.
  • Pre-college program coordinators/facilitators/directors
    Share impacts, outcomes, successes, and stories of the pre-college work you are doing.
  • Faculty and staff
    Share broader impacts, community engagement, and service learning events that involve community and pre-college youth.

Poster dimensions

  • 4 feet by 3 feet

Half Session (30 minutes)

  • Refer to themes above

Full Session Workshop (60 minutes)

  • Refer to themes above
  • Must include two engagement activities