Keynote Presentation

Christopher W. Tremblay
Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
University of Wisconsin-Superior

Dr. Christopher W. Tremblay is Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, a public liberal arts college. He previously worked at Western Michigan University, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and Gannon University in various leadership roles. Tremblay earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees from Western Michigan University. He has a post-master's certificate in enrollment management from Capella University and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. His dissertation was a study of graduate certificate programs in college admissions counseling. He has published articles in four journals: College and University, the Journal of College Admission, the Journal of College Orientation and Transition, and the Journal of Intergroup Relations. Tremblay serves as co-editor of the Journal of College Access. He has presented at more than 50 association conferences nationally and internationally. He is the inventor of the admissions-based card game, Getting In.

Bridge as Metaphor

Michigan has the "Mighty Mac" Mackinac Bridge. As we consider building pathways, providing access, and ensuring success, bridges are often the solutions for improvements and enhancements. As we ponder these elements, this keynote speech will use the bridge as a metaphor for addressing this important work in the Great Lakes State of Michigan. This interactive conference kick-off will empower us to look at how the support, span, and foundation of a bridge relate to college access, college success, outreach, and programming for our youth.